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About Gaomei Lighthouse Park

Explore the beauty of nature, feel the sea breeze, and enjoy the sunset - the Ministry of Transportation and Communications' Maritime and Port Administration has renovated the only red and white octagonal lighthouse park in the country to enhance the tourist value of the lighthouse, allowing the Gaomei Lighthouse to shine with red and white brilliance again. This park is carefully managed by the Xiaolu Entertainment Hotel Group and will become your dream travel attraction.


​Park Map
(Free admission)

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Regional Introduction


Gaomei Lighthouse


Gaomei Lighthouse is the only red and white horizontal striped lighthouse in Taiwan. It is octagonal in shape and made of reinforced concrete. It is 34.4 meters high and has 12 floors. It offers a panoramic view of Gaomei Wetland. (Only residents of the park are allowed to visit.) The left and right sides of the lighthouse are planned as a protected area for the growth of hyacinths , and a fence is set up to completely separate the hyacinth growth area from the tourist hiking area. The recommended viewing season is from March to May every year when the hyacinths are in full bloom.

Accommodation experience


【Halfway】 Every time you arrive at a new place, you will discover a past you have never experienced before, and your old self will no longer exist, and you will feel unfamiliar with life. Wandering is a pause of the heart and an unfinished continuation of life. Halfway is committed to conveying the concepts of local, environmental protection, and in-depth experience, so that every traveler can deeply feel the beauty of coexisting with nature.

[Before I Met You] is a poetic handmade toast shop. The interior of the shop is inspired by the homes of navy soldiers, creating a unique style that is warm and full of stories. Every dessert and drink is made with local ingredients. In addition to bringing you the freshest delicacies, each piece of handmade toast is like a love poem, infused with the deep affection of the ocean. Let every visitor who comes here leave deep and beautiful memories in this piece of sea style and breath. (For guests staying in the park, please go here to check in first)

Snack moment


Complex service space



Complex performance




【High on Life】 Ice cream that carries human stories, mainly produced and sold locally. The ice cream has many flavors and is a great carrier. It combines different local stories to create different flavors, such as food, ingredients, stories... slowly and firmly, waiting for the moment to meet the travelers.



Gaomei Wetland

Gaomei Lighthouse Park is located next to the internationally renowned Gaomei Wetland. It only takes 5 minutes to walk along the wooden plank road and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Here, you can watch the dart fish playing at close range, the fiddler crabs dancing to welcome you, and various birds dancing, showing the wonderful ecology of nature.

A unique place that combines culture, art and natural landscape. Various colorful exhibitions and activities will be held from time to time, including art exhibits, cross-border performances, hand-made classes and scenic spot introductions. Visitors can enjoy the feast of art and feel the gift of nature accompanied by the beautiful coastline and charming lighthouses.

Traffic Information


Park Location:

  • No. 748, Gaomei Road, Qingshui District, Taichung City


  • By car: National Highway 3 - Zhonggang Interchange - National Highway 4 - Qingshuiduan Interchange - Provincial Highway No. 17 - Gaomei Road.

  • Public transportation: Take the Taiwan Railway to Qingshui Station and then take Taichung City Bus No. 178 or 179 to Gaomei Wetland Station .

Walking attractions:
◪5-minute walk from Gaomei Wetland Wooden Plank Trail ◪5-minute walk from Gaomei Wetland Bird Watching Observation Deck

(You can rent a YOUBIKE here to travel around Gaomei easily)
◪ Ride a bicycle to Gaomei Double Curve Scenic Bridge for about 6 minutes ◪ Ride a bicycle to Gaomei Windmill Avenue for about 10 minutes


Contact Us

Xiaolu Entertainment, with a young and energetic team from diverse backgrounds, focuses on hotel management and provides attentive services from different perspectives. It offers themed hotels with different styles, creating interesting complex venues like small city miniatures. Whether it is cultural exploration, interactive experience, or comfortable accommodation, it cares about the all-round experience of travelers.

Park consultation


Gaomei Lighthouse Park

No. 748, Gaomei Road, Qingshui District, Taichung City 436
TEL. :04- 2611-1861
LINE@: @554hgzvh

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